Email Template Designer

nopCommerce Email Template Designer will give you complete control over your day to day email templates (transactional) such as sales receipt and welcome message. There are over 45 predesigned email templates.

Template Designer

Modify all nopCommerce templates with a drag and drop editor. Use our default template or copy ours to create your own work of art.

Preview Changes Quickly

Make template changes and preview them quickly. In this example, the 'BILL TO' title was changed to Swedish.

Drag and Drop

Drag the data from the available data fields. In this example, we are adding a 5 star review to the 'Back in Stock' email. If your product coming back in stock has a 4 or 5 star review, the review will automatically render in the email.

Sales Receipt

What do you want to change your receipt to? You can do anything imaginable. We have an Amazon-like receipt too.

Marketing Campaigns - Products Trending Now

1. Products Trending Now - delivers the top sellers by total or quantity
2. Coupon Event - delivers coupons for events
3. News Event - send out new news
4. New Products - products flagged as 'New' in Admin
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Picture of Template Designer for nopCommerce 4.1
Template Designer for nopCommerce 4.1
Picture of Template Designer for nopCommerce 4.2
Template Designer for nopCommerce 4.2