Elastic Email

Use our nopCommerce Elastic Email Plugin to have complete insight into your day to day (transactional) email templates. View email metrics such as delivered, opened, and Url Clicks. But don't let it stop there... Use Elastic Email for Email Campaign management.

The most cost-effective and reliable email delivery platform

Sign up Elastic Email for free and receive up to 150,000 free emails per month and access to the email marketing and delivery tools you need to communicate with your customers.

Make the most of your email marketing

Build better relationships with your recipients with every campaign you send. Elastic Email provides all the marketing tools you need to help your contacts feel connected.

Campaign channel tracking metrics include:
  1. email delivered
  2. email clicked
  3. email opened
  4. email bounced
  5. email complaints
  6. email unsubscribed 

Plugin Integration Includes:

1. Each Email Template is a Campaign Channel.  This means you can track all of the metrics above for each Email Template you send to customers.

2. Sync New Customers

3. New Sync All Existing Customers and Subsribers 

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Powerpoint Presentation:

 Elastic Email YouTube Channel

Picture of Elastic Email  for nopCommerce 4.1
Elastic Email for nopCommerce 4.1
Picture of Elastic Email  for nopCommerce 4.2
Elastic Email for nopCommerce 4.2